Lyn Gaylord Accessories


sterling silver buckleLyn Gaylord had been an avid collector of 19th century treasures for many years before she made a career out of her passion. Her fascination with these precious collectibles dates back to a trip she made to Europe with her daughter Jenny, over 25 years ago. The pair roamed the markets of London and Paris falling deeply in love with the history and drama of these magnificent objects of art. This was also the beginning of their yearly trip to the island of Capri and the start of their love affair with all things Italian. When, some years later, Lyn discovered a tobacco box with a particularly charming relief, inspiration struck and the idea for Lyn Gaylord Accessories was born.

sterling silver buckleShe learned jewelry design and took courses in subjects as varied as wax carving, granulation, photography, stenciling and painting. To avoid drilling holes in these prize collectibles during the casting process, she made an imprint of the surface and then painstakingly hand- carved the intricate design. With her daughter for a partner, the artist took her wares to market. At their first juried trade show at the Plaza Hotel, the fabled Giorgio boutique in Beverly Hills was quick to lend its support - spurring a loyal following that today extends to hundreds of exclusive specialty stores across the country. Lyn and Jenny still travel abroad several times a year to scour the markets for hidden treasures. With over 250 designs in the repertoire, the Lyn Gaylord collections have expanded to include not just buckles, but cufflinks, hand-blown crystal vanity jars with sterling lids. A glimpse of the artist at work in her Bell Island studio, surrounded by the waters of Long Island Sound and a dizzying array of collectibles, and it's clear this is truly a labor of love.